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About Us

Technology enhanced Content Provider For Higher Education

Saividhya Edu Tech

We are one of the fast growing Educational service providers in India. We offer various educational products and training programs for Schools and Colleges, Universities and Corporate Offices.

We launch innovative concepts through technology enhanced teaching and learning methods. Our long time research has directed us to develop new concepts which will save the time and energy of the learner.

Why Saividhya?

We are the forerunners in training industry with most advanced technique, namely GOPST to match the global standards. GOPST is a scientific technique based on Visual motor skills. Learning takes place within a stipulated time and behavioral changes are visible.

  • Professional approach of Experienced faculty
  • IT enabled teaching methods
  • Complete syllabus coverage
  • Online tests Course material & model question paper provided
Content development

We have a dedicated multidiscipline team of professionals in education, training and Information technology. Highly qualified subject matter experts develop the course content appropriate for different learning styles. Our focus is on integrating technology with education for the future generation. The modules developed by us are unique in nature which saves the time and energy of the learner.

The course structure is specifically designed to suit the needs of each sector. We update the knowledge base to offer the most suitable course structure to fulfill client requirements. Suitable instructional design is chosen for effective delivery of digital solution. The learner is able to understand the concepts clearly through effective audio files. More over motivation and relaxation while learning are the key benefits. We develop specific instructional strategies for professional college teachers to deliver the content with required pedagogical principles. Specific modules are developed to train the faculty members of Arts & Science colleges.

Training & Development

Our longtime experience and research on the educational system has prompted us to create an innovative concept called GOPST. GOPST the "Game Oriented Psychological Skills Training" is based on Visual-motor concepts. We use this concept in training to save the energy and time of the learner.

Training modules are developed to suit every individual in the classroom. Learning is enhanced by interactive components within each problem. Students can listen and learn step by step examples of key concepts which are presented as visual clips. Students get practiced to complete the task within stipulated time. Industry experts with strong domain knowledge and experience in education industry deliver the content during training sessions.