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Visual solution an innovative tool to teach quantitative maths

Education has seen revolutionary teaching techniques in the last decade to empower the knowledge and to nurture the skills of a student. Interactive classes with multimedia techniques are popular in western countries and it has replaced traditional teaching tools.

Moreover a student lives in a digital world today. His brain is conditioned to accept the colorful stimuli to understand the world better. The brain receives 90% of stimuli through visual and registers in the long term memory when compare to other senses.

Visual images influence learners in learning mathematics by using daily life situations. It stimulates the cognitive skills required for working mathematics. Through creative visualization and interactive multimedia techniques the importance of maths can realized at all levels of education.

Visual solutions for Aptitude tests

In today’s competitive world each student is required to undergo a regular selection process to get a decent placement in a corporate company. The recruitment process begins with quantitative aptitude tests.

A student requires speed and accuracy to complete the task within the time allotted. For completing this task regular practice and understanding the basics of mathematics is required.

Problems faced by the students at the college level
  • Retention
  • Irregular practice
  • Lack of motivation
  • Lack of speed and accuracy
  • Regular academic work
  • Stress related to career

Regular training is required to enhance the performance and to prepare for the interview process.

Benefits of Visual solutions
  • Task of cracking aptitude tests is simplified
    • Learning through visual solutions enhances the performance of the learner with more speed and accuracy
  • Numerous shortcut methods
    • Different shortcut methods are presented during training sessions to complete projects within the specified time
  • Formulas register in the long term memory
    • Scientific inquiries suggest that association of two different stimuli for a particular event will enhance the memory power. I.e., sound & vision. Pictures & event , songs & events sound and images
  • Math anxiety is reduced
    • Math is interdependent on language. Poor language skills can cause anxiety to learn. It also affects working memory. By learning through visual images a learner is able to understand the problem and to use better visualization techniques during exams.
  • A self instructive guide
    • Effective audio files are used to explain step by step approach.
Course module

Saividhya edu tech will provide content rich online learning for quantitative aptitude training sessions through cloud technology and online tests with high speed streaming servers in the following module to engage students.

No of hours - 25 hrs per year
No of tests - 5 online tests and 2 paper pencil tests (5hrs)

Course structure

The program encompasses a broad range of basic and advance level courses in quantitative aptitude tests. Meticulously developed Visual solutions include 2D, 3D animations & graphics for easy understanding and learning.

Pre assessment tests
Step 1

Pre assessment tests are administered to measure the understanding level of the student, working speed and performance.

Step II Teaching basic skills
  • Definitions and formulae.
  • Basic math skills
  • Simple problems
  • Introduction and importance of aptitude tests
  • The methodology adopted by different companies
  • Question pattern for different positions –an analysis
Step III
  • Introduction to complex problems
  • Step by step approach to understand the language pattern of problems
  • Short cut methods
  • Test writing tips
  • Speed and accuracy training
Step IV
  • Test series - online tests & Paper pencil test
  • Time based tests
  • Company specific tests
Post test

Post tests will be administered to assess and analyze the performance of each student. The assessment grades may provide a clear picture for the training & the placement department to classify the students for company specific recruitments.

Moreover a student’s performance will indicate him about his placement opportunity. This will lessen the chances of failure.

Course fee

We Saividhya educational services a multimedia content provider charges a nominal cost from the institutions considering the economic conditions of each student.

Course content

Problems frequently used by the recruiters for Arts & Science, Humanities which are company specific.

  • 1. Time and work
  • 2. Age problems
  • 3. Number problems
  • 4. Time and distance
  • 5. Probability
  • 6. Ratio and propotion
  • 7. Percentage
  • 8. Time and distance
  • 9. Calendar and clock
  • 10. Profit and loss
  • 11. Chain rule
  • 12. Allegation & Mixture
Delivery module

Learning Space product will be used initially as a "server" for the overall online course management activities such as:

  • Course administration
  • Course scheduling
  • Student profiles
  • Online Assessments
Course Administration

Saividhya Edu Tech have a high impact learning system to deliver the training to enhance the performance of the students. The interactive multimedia technique is used to prepare the course content.

Administration from the client side

Experienced administrator will be in charge of course administration. His duties include

  • Maintenance of infrastructure
  • Uploading and downloading the course content with at most confidence.
  • Arrangement of classroom/hall
  • Arrangement of multimedia tools for regular sessions
  • Addressing the technical problems with Saividhya Edu Tech
  • Maintenance of records –pretest, post tests and online tests
  • Monitoring the student attendance& reporting